Custom Art Hybrid 3 Pro

2DD + 1 Planar Driver In-Ear Monitors

  • Single Low Dynamic Driver, Single Mid Dynamic Driver, Single High Planar
  • 3D-printed waveguide
  • Null Audio Ethos 3.5mm cable
  • Custom or universal fit
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Version: UIEM
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Custom Art Hybrid 3 Pro


Custom Art Hybrid 3 Pro



Custom Art Hybrid 3 Pro

Version: UIEM

H3 Pro is Custom Art’s triple driver hybrid IEM with two dynamic drivers – single low and single mid, combined with a single Planar driver, featuring our latest technologies and developments, tuned for reference and neutrality.

H3 Pro has been equipped with a 10mm PEEK+PU composite diaphragm dynamic driver for low frequencies, 6mm graphene diaphragm dynamic driver for midrange and a small planar driver for high frequencies. Pressure Optimizing Design (P.O.D.) for normalizing pressure in front of the woofer. Tunable vent allows for full control of bass response by the user (filters sold separately). Special 3D-printed waveguide to finely tune midrange and high frequencies. Finally, a 3-way crossover with Flat Impedance ensuring always stable sound signature independently from a sound source.

We dedicate H3 Pro to professional musicians, vocalists, and music enthusiasts looking for precise stage sound. Keeping perfect balance of musicality, brightness, smoothness, speed, and detail. The tuning kit (available separately) allows to independently tune low frequency response by passive filters, much like in FIBAE 5, but to a greater extent and with bigger impact on the bass response, from completely flat to bass-heavy. The flexibility of H3 Pro’s signature allows for drums, guitar and vocal monitoring, as well as casual music listening with added advantage of sound personalization. Hybrid 3 Pro will easily find admirers for its uniqueness, balance, agility, and rawness.

Inside the Box

  • VA case
  • Wax pick tool
  • Drying pellet
  • Warranty card
  • Ear tips (universal fit variant only)

Cable Details

  • Silver-plated copper, UPOCC cast.
  • Litz 5 configured conductors
  • 50% larger single-strand and larger overall wire cross-section than the previous generation for reduced impedance and more effective signal delivery
  • Ultra-clear, flexible and durable insulator
  • Premier CNC fabricated aluminum hardware with anodized/Electroplating finish
technical specifications
Single Low Dynamic Driver, Single Mid Dynamic Driver, Single High Planar
110dB @1kHz @0.1V
7 Ohm @1kHz (+-1.3 Ohm 10Hz-20kHz)
Cable Wiring
28 AWG
Cable Conductor
Silver-plated copper
Cable Termination
2-pin 0.78mm to 3.5mm plug

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