Elysian Diva 2023

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6 BA with Tunable Bass Switch

  • Balanced Sound Signature
  • 4 Way Crossover
  • 3 Way Bass Rotating Switch
  • High Quality Internal Wiring
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Elysian Diva 2023

Vendor: Elysian Acoustics

Elysian Diva 2023

Diva is ELysian's take on the current industry trending tuning. It gives audiophile's the sound profile they like and are familiar with. As their entry level model, Diva allows you to dip your toes into ELysian's sound universe.

Diva excels with its powerful vocals, excellent staging and accurate dynamics. It is packed with 6 balanced armatures and a tunable bass switch that allows users to select between 3 bass profiles. 

Diva is Lee's gift to audiophiles and a demonstration of Elysian's technical abilities. 

The 2023 upgrades include: second generation crossover circuit, internal wiring upgrade with new custom UPOCC copper and silver litz material and a new packaging design. 

Diva is now paired with the excellent Effect Audio Ares S cable.

technical specifications
6 x Balanced Armatures
Cable Details
Effect Audio Ares S
Plug Type
Cable Lenght

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