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Complete your portable audio setup with most robust wireless dongle on the market

  • ESS ES9219C DAC
  • Mobile & Desktop Apps
  • Qualcomm QCC512x
  • aptX HD, AAC, LDAC, SBC Codecs
  • 500mA Battery for portable use
  • Official TPU case included (while stock lasts)
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Vendor: Qudelix



Vendor: Qudelix



We want the device to work as a universal DAC/AMP for both high-sensitivity IEMs as well as high-impedance open-back headphones. We want it simple, small, yet but powerful. In addition to the sound quality and the maximum output power, we also need to consider the battery time as well, concerning the nature of the device.

We've tried many DACs and Amplifier ICs and found ESS9219C is the best option for our goal. Besides the sound quality, the primary advantage of ESS9219C is that the built-in amplifier delivers the maximum output voltage up to 2V RMS. Furthermore, it supports the 1V RMS option at the same sound quality to save power consumption.

For high-sensitivity IEMs, the amplifier noise figure is the most important. The high-sensitivity IEM is so sensitive that it translates every electrical noise or thermal drift into audible acoustic sound, usually white noise.

On the other hands, the high-impedance headphones require a higher power amplifier. Those headphones usually have low sensitivity, and they are free from the white noise affected by the amplifier noise characteristics. Instead, they need higher power from the amplifier output to deliver enough loudness and headroom.

10-Band PEQ/GEQ (64-bit double precision)

The embedded pro-grade equalizer is a vital benefit of 5K DAC/AMP over other similar products. It processes every incoming source audio from everywhere: Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify, iOS, Android, PC, Bluetooth(all Codecs), and USB.

For more degree of freedom, 5K DAC/AMP supports parametric EQ in addition to graphical EQ. The embedded DSP cores perform double-precision 64-bit EQ processing, providing the most accurate and precise frequency response even at low-frequency range.

Users can control every setting through the companion iOS/Android mobile app.

You can have it charging and streaming at the same time with your PC or laptop while keeping the Bluetooth link with a smartphone and controlling every feature of Qudelix-5K through the companion mobile application.

Any incoming sound alert or call ringing from the smartphone will be automatically routed to the 5K, even when you listen to music through 5K USB DAC.

The Qudelix-5K is the world's 1st Bluetooth DAC/AMP to support all the latest codec technologies, including aptX Adaptive, LDAC, AAC, aptX HD, aptX, and SBC.

Only the Bluetooth source devices (i.e., smartphone or PC) have the privilege to choose the codec. 5K is a Bluetooth sink device and provides the supported codec list to the source device at the beginning. And then the source device selects one of them upon.

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technical specifications
Qualcomm QCC5124 Bluetooth System-on-Chip
Dual ES9219C SABRE HiFi® DAC
Unbalanced Out
3.5mm Unbalanced output max. 2.0V RMS
Balanced Out
2.5mm Balanced output max. 4.0V RMS
aptX Adaptive, LDAC, AAC, aptX-HD, aptX, SBC
6 ~ 20 hours Battery Time (500mA Battery)
Sampling rate
USB DAC 96KHz / 24-bit

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