• ThieAudio Oracle MKII: Truth Teller

    ThieAudio Oracle MKII: Truth Teller

    Many audio brands create a house sound and stick to it. ThieAudio isn’t one of them. They have been constantly reinventing themselves and taking risks when overhauling their most popular products. Monarch MKII was a clear departure from the original Monarch, the iem that put ThieAudio firmly on the map. History repeats itself with Oracle MKII. It comes with a totally revised signature. Will...
  • Subtonic STORM: A New Reference

    Subtonic STORM: A New Reference

    My introduction to Subtonic couldn’t have been more natural. I started Elise Audio with a desire to create more than a store. The audiophile community has been important to me and I wanted to create a platform that caters to it. Singapore, a city I love, was a big inspiration. The city-state has one of the most passionate audiophile crowds. There is also an ever-growing number of...
  • The Bass Cannon Showdown!

    The Bass Cannon Showdown!

    Whenever I get iems that share a special feature, I imagine a fun contest. So when I found myself with the FiR Audio XE6, Hidition Violet and Empire Ears Legend Evo, I immediately thought: bass cannon showdown! But I needed a fourth iem. I originally thought of the Legend X SE that is now offered in the “pre-owned” section. But it felt redundant with...
  • Westone Mach 60: Pleasant Sound

    Westone Mach 60: Pleasant Sound

     Westone is a very special brand for me. The UM20s were my first high-end iem. At the time, I fell in love with their bass. The details were also ahead of anything I had heard before. Unfortunately, my UM20s ended up in my washing machine and lost all bass. As a budding audiophile, I upgraded to the W30 that I also enjoyed. My second...
  • Cayin N8ii: The Next Episode

    Cayin N8ii: The Next Episode

    Quick impressions of the new Cayin N8ii DAP.
  • Symphonium Triton: Ultimate Chill

    Symphonium Triton: Ultimate Chill

    Symphonium Audio established themselves in style last year with Helios. One of the most acclaimed kilobuck iems along with the ThieAudio Monarch MKII. Helios was an iem I knew I needed to have on Elise Audio after the first audition. Today we look at Symphonium’s follow-up to Helios: Triton. Helios has a 4BA configuration with a 4-way crossover, Triton goes for 1DD + 2BA with a 3-way...
  • FiR Audio NE4: Universal Love

    FiR Audio NE4: Universal Love

    My impressive audition of the KR5 led to a wonderful chain of events. The result was the start of a partnership with FiR Audio that I am now proud to offer on Elise Audio. As a result, I am not an outsider anymore. The below needs to be read in context. I received the entire Frontier Series earlier this week. And because I love torturing...
  • 7Hz Timeless, LetShuoer S12: Planar Revolution.

    7Hz Timeless, LetShuoer S12: Planar Revolution.

    A quick overview and comparison of the two hottest planar iems on the market: the 7Hz Timeless and the LetShuoer S12.
  • FiR Audio KR5: Big Bang.

    FiR Audio KR5: Big Bang.

    My friend Darius (aka Skullar) was crazy enough to lend me his FiR Audio KR5 for the week-end. I could see fear in his eyes as he handed them to me and warned me: don’t you dare scratch them! And when I saw the earphones, I understood. The KR5s look like they could get scratched just by looking at them. And I thought to...
  • Chord Mojo2: Serious Chops.

    Chord Mojo2: Serious Chops.

    When I walked into Richer Sounds to try the Mojo2, I didn’t really know what to expect. I have owned the Hugo2 for a few months now. It completely challenged my beliefs about DACs. Everything sounds better when the Hugo2 is involved as a DAC.   This said, I rarely use its amp section. The burning question I had walking into the store was: can Mojo2...
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