Elise Audio


Music is Emotion.
Music is Expression.

Elise Audio was created to deliver the emotion of music to you in its purest form. Delivering the best sound quality is about much more than just technology. It's about communicating the artist's vision.

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Symphonium Triton: Ultimate Chill

Symphonium Triton: Ultimate Chill

Symphonium Audio established themselves in style last year with Helios. One of the most acclaimed kilobuck iems along with the ThieAudio Monarch MKII. Helios was an iem I knew I needed to have on Elise Audio...
FiR Audio NE4: Universal Love

FiR Audio NE4: Universal Love

My impressive audition of the KR5 led to a wonderful chain of events. The result was the start of a partnership with FiR Audio that I am now proud to offer on Elise Audio....
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