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  • Speaker Monitor Emulation
  • Earth Shattering Dynamics
  • Transparency Redefined
  • Innovative Driver Implementation
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STORM, short for Subtonic Opus Reference Monitor, is designed with a simple goal in mind: to emulate a studio main monitor experience in an in-ear monitor. STORM features deep reaching yet clean bass that emulates room gain and features an incredibly detailed and accurate midrange complete with breathtaking treble reproduction.

Designed with 7 Balanced Armature (BA) Drivers and 2 Electrostatic (EST) Drivers in an incredibly complex true 7-way crossover, the STORM delivers unparalleled reference-class tonality and resolution befitting of its status as Subtonic’s reference monitor.

The Problem With IEMs

IEMs have traditionally been designed to be used as mere monitors for the musician to hear what they sound like on stage or for consumers to listen to music in a portable format. As a result, compromises are often made as users are not demanding extreme performance in IEMs.

Additionally, IEMs on the market face these issues:

  • Uneven frequency response leading to unnatural sounding peaks and dips in audio playback
  • Tuning is intentionally held back so that a ‘higher-end’ model can be released subsequently
  • Treble response sounds odd compared to a good speaker

We are frustrated with the current state of the IEM market. Hence, we chose to design the STORM with an unlimited R&D budget & time so that we can create the final authority on a true high-fidelity IEM.

Why Emulate A Speaker?

The STORM is intentionally designed to emulate studio monitor mains, which are used to produce the very music that we all listen to and consume daily. Why bother emulating anything else other than the very source of music?

Through 2 continuous years of working solely on the STORM, we are ready to present the ultimate IEM made in collaboration with our manufacturing partners, Symphonium Audio.

Driver Implementation

The new Sonion EST Driver technology is a modern breakthrough in miniature tweeters, allowing for improved treble extension when implemented properly. However, due to the EST’s low output, generic implementations resulted in ESTs that played much softer than the BAs they were paired with, severely hampering the full potential of the ESTs.

Advanced acoustic and electrical tuning solutions were developed to seamlessly integrate EST with BA units to ensure that the EST plays on an even field, unleashing the true potential of the ESTs and achieving a revolutionary level of treble coherency and delicacy. Expect to uncover the finest details of your recordings through the ethereal speed and radiant refinement of EST drivers implemented to their fullest in groundbreaking Subtonic style.


The STORM features a split subwoofer to achieve maximum micro and macro dynamics. Utilising Subtonic Splitwave Technology (SST), we have carefully tuned our woofer and subwoofer pair to achieve a balance of speed, dynamism and tactility never before heard and felt, from an IEM woofer. With SST, we are able to replicate the vast and dynamic experience of professional studio main monitors as closely as possible. We have redefined what is possible with IEM woofers, regardless of driver type. With bass that is as dynamic as it is versatile, experience a whole new level of IEM bass.

Filtered Linear Attenuation Tuning

Our FLAT technology keeps the impedance of our earphones flat so that the frequency response of our IEMs remain consistent when plugged into any device; be it a mixing board, wireless receiver or a phone. It also allows us to design our IEMs with flat phase, ensuring even power distribution to the drivers in our earphones and improving audio separation.

Subtonic Splitwave Technology

Balanced Armature drivers often come as dual woofers or tweeters packed together as a single unit. The typical application with such dual drivers is to apply a single crossover filter to alter its frequency response. However, we have discovered that splitting up the drivers with different crossover filters for each individual driver allows us to more precisely control its frequency response playback, fully realising the potential of dual armature units while maintaining phase coherence.

Subtonic Crossover Technology

To achieve our tuning objectives, a complex network of capacitors, resistors, internal wiring and solder are utilised and they must not be compromised in terms of cost or quality. We insist on the use of the highest quality components, regardless of cost, to ensure sound quality remains unimpeded and the signal uncoloured and undegraded, bringing out the best of our drivers. We pay attention to the finest of details, even if it means component costs that are an order of magnitude higher than the industry standard. Rest assured that non of the components we use will serve as a bottleneck in your audio chain.

Extremely Extended Extremities

We have developed proprietary in-house acoustical and electrical tuning solutions to allow our in-ear drivers to reproduce frequencies with incredible detail and high clarity without obtrusive peaks and dips. Our redesigned supertweeters play air (8kHz-24kHz) frequencies effortlessly with proprietary waveguides. Subwoofers with never-before-seen electrical parameters provide for an incredibly well defined, dynamic and extended bass response with a sense of physicality that results in bass that is not just heard, but also felt. Collectively, this results in a full-ranged musical experience often only heard in the highest end loudspeakers. Experience bottomless bass, and seemingly limitless treble extension with EEE.

technical specifications
1 BA Subwoofer, 1 BA Woofer, 1 BA Midwoofer, 2 BA Midrange, 1 BA Mid-tweeter, 1 BA Tweeter, 2 EST Supertweeter
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Subtonic STORM Launch Edition
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