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Canpur CP622B: Smooth Operator

by SoundJedi . 06 Jun 2024

Something happened at Canjam London last year: someone came up to me and told me I had to try this new flagship. Someone who knows a thing or two about IEMs, and he was excited. I didn’t quite catch the name in the middle of the madness, but I had a chance to try the said IEM after the show.

Enter the Canpur CP622B, the IEM that took the audiophile scene by storm (pun intended).

Canpur is a collaboration between passionate audiophiles from the Netherlands and China. These guys are aiming high and they set the bar accordingly with their first flagship.  

Let’s start with a quick look at the graph.

This graph tells you very little about how the CP622B sounds. That might have to do with the BC drivers used here. I will leave that debate to the experts.

So how does it sound?

Let’s start with the mids. They are the star of the show. This is the CP622B “special sauce”. Both male and female vocals are full, emotional and textured. Same goes with wind and string instruments. Electric guitars have the thickness and “crunch” that makes Rock music so satisfying. It’s an emotional experience. The CP622B also presents a tall image. The way it replays tracks such as “One Minute You’re Here” by Bruce Springsteen is majestic. Rich and lush are the words that come to mind. I basically can’t praise the mids enough.  

Treble is artfully executed. It’s non-fatiguing with excellent detail and extension. It is not shy. There is enough lower treble “bite” to keep the sound exciting but it never sounds harsh. It hits an excellent middle ground between sweet and accurate. This makes the CP622B ideal for long listening sessions. You can just get immersed in the music even when the tracks are treble happy.  

Bass is very good with some (small) caveats. People who like bass (like me) will get their fix. People who don’t want bass to overpower the sound will also be happy. The CP622B bass knows when to come forward and when to get out of the way. It delivers both the quantity and quality needed to complement the excellent sound signature. This said, this is not where the CP622B shines. If you’re looking for the deepest sub bass, most slam or punch, this is probably not the IEM.   

The CP622B delivers the goods in terms of technicalities. The stage has excellent height and depth and very respectable width. Resolution, imaging and layering are on the level you would expect from a flagship in 2024. Not much to complain about here.

In conclusion, CP622B is an excellent all-rounder. It delivers a signature that many people crave and executes it at a high level. It is a mid-centric IEM that manages to be excellent elsewhere. This is an IEM that draws you in and drapes you in a warm, soothing sonic blanket. It just allows you to flow with the music.  

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