FATfreq Maestro Mini

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A project that began with the intent of creating a monitor that encompasses all the goals of the upcoming MAESTRO series, at the lowest possible cost.

  • 20dB hyper-controlled bass shelf
  • 7dB pinna gain
  • 2dB/octave descending treble extension 3kHz - 25kHz
  • 3D printed sound channels and a proprietary bass chamber tuned for perfect control.
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FATfreq Maestro Mini

Vendor: FATFreq

FATfreq Maestro Mini

Deepest bass on the planet...

Listen at your own risk

Review by Precogvision @ headphones.com

There's really... nothing on the market that is this bass boosted... [with] this control under 300Hz. It rumbles your ear and you can feel that sense of physicality in the sub-bass frequency./p>

Review by Gizaudio

A true Basshead IEM without compromises... This is the only IEM I can think of that has this cannon worthy amount of bass to satisfy basically any Basshead imaginable

Review by Crinacle

This is a HEDONISTIC amount of bass... a ton of bass and yet very much well controlled, and the rest of the Mid-range tonality is also very good... 5/5

Review by Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews

If you're into EDM, Trip Hop, or Hip Hop libraries - This is probably the best set you can get for your money... Period. It literally vibrates in your ear!

technical specifications
1 Dynamic Driver + 2 Balanced Armatures

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