Holo Audio Spring 3

Full Discrete Balanced R2R DAC 32bit 1536kHz DSD1024

  • Spring3 DAC delivers >112dB SINAD and >128dB dynamic range, pushing R2R DACs to their performance limits.
  • New linear compensation tech achieves 0.00005% equivalent accuracy by eliminating resistance and PCB-induced errors.
  • PLL+FIFO tech provides 0.1Hz Third-Order low-pass filtering for jitter control and uses a high-performance femtosecond VCXO as the PLL clock source.
  • Proprietary USB firmware ensures ultra-low latency, reliable data transmission, and 2-4 times higher performance compared to official firmware
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Version: Level 1
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Holo Audio Spring 3

Vendor: Holo Audio

Holo Audio Spring 3


Vendor: Holo Audio

Holo Audio Spring 3

Version: Level 1

A new generation of linear compensation technology. A better solution to the resistance, accuracy errors caused by switching components and PCB, after compensations makes the equivalent accuracy reach 0.00005%.

Based on this new generation of technology, “泉3” Spring3 (non preamp model) can provide a SINAD of >112dB and a dynamic range of >128dB, which represents the performance limit reached by today’s most advanced R2R architecture DAC.

Using the ultimate performance of PLL+FIFO technology, provides 0.1Hz Third-Order low-pass ability to inhibit jitter. It also uses a high-performance femtosecond VCXO as the PLL clock source. Under the premise of being almost immune to the front-end jitter, it can also lock up to 1.5us-2us @ 1KHz signal with high jitter. (It can lock up to 1.5us-2us @ 1kHz signal with high jitter on the premise of almost being immune front-end jitter).

The USB interface uses proprietary firmware with ultra-low latency, a highly reliable data transmission, ideal USB eye pattern measurements that contributes to 2-4 times higher performance than official firmware.

The latest generation of de-glitch technology represents a remarkable leap forward in audio quality, offering a full range of sound frequencies without any accompanying increase in the noise floor or other adverse effects.

A single, independent HDMI-I2S input interface is provided, which has a four-way independent circuit, as opposed to standard LVDS chip, making I2S clock signals subject to lower interference and lower jitter. In addition, the I2S input can be configured with a specific pinout configuration, making it compatible with most of the HDMI-I2S digital devices on the market.

Full Discrete Balanced R2R DAC 32bit 1536kHz DSD1024

Holo Audio unveils with the Spring 3 a beautiful R2R DAC based on discrete components. Custom designed, it offers incredible performances thanks to its Trickle Down technology. Its particular architecture allows it to deliver a sound restitution of an unbelievable richness and purity. It embeds two totally separate circuits, one in charge of PCM streams and the other of DSD streams. An impressive design which allows to benefit fully from the capacities of this last format.

R2R Architecture

Today's delta-sigma DACs differ from R2R models, as the former technology goes through an oversampling and high-speed digital switching stage that can cause distortion and sound artifacts. The R2R structure, on the other hand, is much more direct and pure, using a high-precision resistor network that negates the problems associated with delta-sigma conversion. What's more, the HoloAudio Spring 3 is the first discrete DAC with linear compensation, providing extremely accurate sound reproduction.

The input stage of the Spring 3 uses an AOP and its output stage discrete components, the latter operating in Class A.

Linear compensation

The Spring 3 incorporates an additional R2R ladder, allowing compensation of the main R2R ladder. This additional ladder works in a similar way to trimming, but without changing the value of the resistors. It is digitally controlled and effectively compensates the tolerance of the resistors. A method that allows to reach a very high level of accuracy, with an almost perfect linearity, an extremely low THD and a particularly high SNR.

Level 1 Model:

This model has basic caps for the PSU, and does not include a CNC remote. It has standard Red label 5N Copper Otype Transformer, round wire type copper wiring. Considered the base model however packs a mean punch for price per dollar performance ratio. (no remote control in this version)

Level 2 Model:

The Level 2 model of this HoloAudio Spring 3 incorporates specially designed capacitors for optimal power filtering for more neutral and detailed sound reproduction. It is also equipped with a Red Label 5N transformer with copper wiring. This version also comes with a CNC-machined remote control.

Level 3 KTE:

The highest grade components are used in our very popular KTE version products. This Spring3 KTE version will include an upgraded ultra premium transformer that is 100VA O-Type Flatwire type .The sound improvement is not subtle, it’s a night and day improvement in our opinion and many of our customers agree. Kitsune has tuned this Spring 3 DAC for no compromise performance and targeted at the enthusiast audio lover. This transformer is our finest available model and makes the Spring’s sound quite elegant and improved detail. more features mentioned below.

OPTIONAL factory upgrade – Preamp Module:

Fully discrete and balanced relay controlled volume control. Controls all the digital inputs volume with precision. This has trickle down technology from our popular flagship Preamp the Serene. Using 4 amp modules and hundreds of transistors.

technical specifications
Digital input
  • PCM 44.1-192K (24bit)
  • DSD 64X (DOP)
  • PCM 44.1K-1.536M (32bit)
  • DSD 64-512X (DOP)
  • DSD 64-1024X (Native)
  • PCM 44.1K-1.536M (32bit)
  • DSD 64-1024X
Analog Output
  • THD+N 0.00032% @1K(-110dB)
  • DNR 127dB
  • DAC Voltage Output 2.9Vrms (RCA), 5.8Vrms (XLR)
  • Output Impedance RCA 27 Ohm/XLR 54 Ohm
  • (Optional) Pre-amplifier Voltage Output 5.8Vrms (RCA), 11.6Vrms (XLR)
  • THD+N 0.00025% @1K(-112dB)
  • DNR 115dB
  • DAC Voltage Output 1.45Vrms (RCA), 2.9Vrms (XLR)
  • (Optional) Pre-amplifier Voltage Output 2.9Vrms (RCA), 5.8Vrms (XLR)
Physical Characteristics
Size (Chassis)
430x300x55mm (W x L x H, Dimensions do not include protruding parts)
Power Input

(configurable, see label on bottom of unit for specified input)

  • 220-230V 50/60Hz – Fuse Type 2A SB 5x20mm
  • 110-115V 50/60Hz – Fuse Type 4A SB 5x20mm
Power Consumption

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