Questyle M15i

Questyle M15i

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Powerful Compact Portable DAC & AMP Dongle

  • Two independent CMA SiP modules
  • Four total amplification circuits
  • Greater dynamics, Richer details
  • Supports both 3.5mm and 4.4mm
  • CNC machined aluminum housing
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Questyle M15i

Vendor: Questyle

Questyle M15i


Vendor: Questyle

Questyle M15i

Style: New

Mobile Hi-Res Audio Revolution: The era of 5G has made high-fidelity music streaming from smart devices mainstream, leading to the creation of the M15, a compact mobile DAC & amp that allows users to enjoy high-quality audio on-the-go.

Quadruple Drive Amplification: The M15 features four patented Current Mode Amplification (CMA) SiP modules, providing outstandingly strong output with low distortion and high bandwidth, enabling it to drive various headphones.

Versatile Output and Gain Adjustment: The M15 supports both unbalanced (3.5mm TRS) and balanced (4.4mm TRRS) outputs and offers manual gain adjustment, allowing users to customize the audio experience based on their connected headphones or HiFi systems.

High-Resolution Audio Support: The M15 boasts top-of-the-line decoding capabilities with the ESS ES9281AC flagship DAC, handling PCM384kHz/32bit and DSD256 audio formats, delivering a pure and immersive sound experience.

Minimalist on the Outside, Stunning on the Inside.

The era of 5G has brought music streaming from smart devices fully into the mainstream. As more and more music platforms launch lossless audio streaming services, mobile hi-res audio has changed from a neat gimmick into a real and growingly popular way to enjoy high-fidelity music. However, it’s often impractical to use traditional HiFi audio equipment with your smartphone on-the-go, due to size and power consumption. To solve this problem, the M15 was born: it distills all of Questyle’s expertise and technologies into an mazingly powerful yet compact mobile DAC & amp.

Two Independent SiP

The M15 contains two of Questyle’s patented CMA (Current Mode Amplification) SiP modules, for a total of four CMA ampengines. This quadruple drive amplification circuitry gives anoutstandingly strong output that can drive almost anyheadphone. Questyle’s Current Mode Amplifiers arecharacterized by their small footprint, low voltage operation,and minimal power consumption. Current amplification has anaturally low impedance, affording the M15 a bandwidth up to1MHz, distortion as low as 0.0003%, and the ability toreproduce every detail hidden deep within any track.

With its four CMA amp circuits, the M15 supports bothunbalanced (3.5mm TRS) and balanced (4.4mm TRRS) outputs.It also has manual gain adjustment via the slider on the side,which makes it easy to choose high/low gain depending on theconnected headphone, speaker, or HiFi system.

Unparalleled ease of use, Plug-and-Play

M15 is fully compatible with Android 5.1 and above systems on popular smart phones and tablets.

For PC, it supports Mac OS and Windows 10 version 18.3 and above with no additional driver installation required.

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technical specifications
Portable AMP & DAC Dongle
Operating System Required:
  • Android phone and pad: Android 5.0 and above
  • PC: Win10 1803 and above
  • Apple cellphone: iOS (You need to buy an OTG cable for Lightning to Type-C.)
  • Apple computer: mac OS
DAC Capability
  • PCM:PCM: 32kHz – 384kHz (16/24/32Bit)
  • DSD: DSD64(1Bit 2.8MHz) , DSD128(1Bit 5.6MHz), DSD256(1Bit 11.2MHz)
Output Interface
3.5mm standard headphone jack x1 4.4mm balanced headphone jack x1
Output Power
3.5mm:RL=300Ω,Po=11.97mW, Vout(Max)=1.895Vrms,THD+N=0.00045% 4.4mm:RL=300Ω,Po=22.60mW, Vout(Max)=2.624Vrms,THD+N=0.00057%
Frequency Response
ESS flagship USB DAC chip ES9281AC
CNC machined aluminum
61.8[L] X 27.2[W] X 12[D](mm)

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