Quloos MUB1

Portable HiFi USB and Bluetooth DAC & Headphone Amp

  • 5.0 HD Bluetooth (24Bit/96kHz) & Support Apple, Android, Windows
  • SPDIF Digital Output & Four-stage Independent HiFi Structure
  • PCM Supports Up to 32Bit/384kHz & DSD Supports Up to 256
  • Four-stage Super-high Gain & NDCS Shield Design
  • 14-way Independent Power Supply System
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Quloos MUB1

Vendor: Quloos

Quloos MUB1


Vendor: Quloos

Quloos MUB1

Style: New

Music listening, enjoyable and practical.

MUB1’s general sound design is consistent with QA361 and QA390LE. With high sound density and a strong sense of structure, this music is warm, sensitive, steady, and long-lasting to listen to. It has excellent hierarchical details and vertical spatial feeling.

The PCB area and power supply of MUB1’s DAC&headphone amplifier section are greater than those of QA361 since it lacks a player part. MUB1 is an inch long and an inch strong, and it has a few advantages over QA361 in terms of sound quality. These advantages include a larger sound field, a more complete sound structure, a sound that is softer and more durable to listen to, greater sound dynamics, and more solid mid- to low-frequency reproduction.

Small But Extraordinary

QULOOS MUB1 weighs as much as an iPhone 6s, only about 142g. You can use it in many places, and it has more usage than the usual DAC/AMP. You can use it as a 24-bit 96k HD Bluetooth player for streaming, which is easy to use and convenient while having good sound quality. MUB1 has a battery capacity of 2500 mAh. When you link your phone through the cable, QULOOS MUB1 can charge your phone while providing high-quality music. When you connect it to your laptop, it can be a decoder-amplifier all-in-one. In-car mode connects the audio source and car with Bluetooth / coaxial to play high-quality sound. The same approach can be applied to home audio systems.

Super Power, Super Gain

The balanced port output power of MUB1 is up to 100mW/ch, which is 2.75 times higher than that of the QA361 double-high mode. Meanwhile, its S gain is 3 to 4 times the voltage amplification of the high gain. In fact, MUB1 uses Panasonic Electrolytic Capacitors (material used for desktop HiFi) and BUF634 (material used for desktop AMP), and Wurth Alloy Inductor. With these designs of QULOOS, the jitter range of MUB1 is around 150fs.

Designed for Performance

MUB1 has a powerful 14-way independent power supply system. On top of that, it has four levels of Super-high gain as well as a four-stage independent HiFi structure (Digital/DAC/OP/BUF). Among them, PCM(Pulse Code Modulation) supports up to 32bit/384kHz, and the highest specification of DSD(Direct Stream Digital) hardware resolution supports 256.

4 Cirrus Logic flagship DAC Chips

QULOOS has loaded MUB1 with four new generation CS43198 chips from Cirrus Logic. The CS43198's unique Nos mode makes the sound more realistic and accurate. At the same time, the eight-channel DAC is designed into two channels, each channel is responsible for four channels of DAC, which allows the sound to have more details. SNR up to 132dB, THD+N as low as 0.0001%.

A Display area
B Power button: Long press to turn on/off, short press to turn off/wake up the display screen
C Volume +: Short press to increase the volume by 1, long press to continuously increase the volume by 1
D Volume -: Short press to decrease the volume by 1, long press to continuously decrease the volume by 1
E setting key (M): Short press to enter the setting interface, long press to pause/play, short press to connect/hang up when calling, long press to reject
F Previous track (↑): Switch to playing the previous track and adjust the parameters upwards when setting the interface
G Next track (↓): Switch to playing the next track; Adjust parameters downwards when setting the interface
H Digital audio output port: 3.5 optical and 3.5 coaxial (pin definition is shown in the figure below)
I Type-C charging or external power input port
J Type-C audio OTG input port
K Microphone pickup hole
L 4.4 balanced headphone port, also used as a balanced LO port
M 3.5 single ended headphone port, doubles as LO/AUX output port
technical specifications
Body size
96*65*14.5mm (L * W * H)
Host weight
Input interface
Type-C USB data, Type-C USB power supply&charging, wireless Bluetooth
Bluetooth format
Bluetooth 5.0, LDAC, APTX, APTX-HD, ACC, SBC
USB port DSD sampling rate
UAC2.0 protocol / UAC1.0 protocol, supporting Windows, Mac, Android, iOS systems
USB port PCM sampling rate
16Bit ~ 32Bit, 44.1kHz ~ 384kHz
Output interface
3.5 single ended & 4.4 balanced headphones (can be set to Line out/Aux out), 3.5 optical or coaxial SPDIF digital output
Optical/ coaxial output
16Bit ~ 24Bit, 44.1kHz ~ 192kHz PCM, DoP64
DAC chip
CS43131 * 4 pieces, QFN large package
Selected 2 OP* pieces with excellent texture and musical appeal
Headphone amplifier chip
BUF634A * 4
Gain control
Low / Mid / High / Super-High
Volume control
This device has a volume level of 100, which can be independently adjusted from the phone volume
Battery life
8~10 hours
Charging time
2~3 hours
Type-C charger (user provided), DC 5V, ≥2A
External power input
Input from charging port Type-C, DC 5V, ≥2A
Microphone function
Support Bluetooth calls with built-in omnidirectional microphone
Output Power
Dynamic range
Crosstalk (unloaded)
Crosstalk (32Ω)
Output power
1100mW + 1100mW @32Ω
410mW + 410mW @32Ω
Output power
250mW + 250mW @300Ω
65mW + 65mW @300Ω
Noise floor
1.2uVrms @G = L
1.8uVrms @G = L
Noise floor
1.2uVrms @G = M
1.8uVrms @G = M
Noise floor
2.5uVrms @G = H
2.5uVrms @G = H
Noise floor
8.3uVrms @G = S
5.8uVrms @G = S

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