Sennheiser HD 660S

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The Powerhouse Open-back Headphone

  • Modular and durable design
  • Easy to power and drive
  • A reference tuned dynamic headphone
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Sennheiser HD 660S

Vendor: Sennheiser

Sennheiser HD 660S

A Direct Connection To Your Music

Known for their engaging signatures and liquid-smooth response, HD 660S predecessors HD 650 and HD 600 shattered performance barriers in the audiophile headphone category.

The HD 660S transcends the best of that storied DNA with supernatural speed and effortless instrument reproduction—even at the bookends of the frequency spectrum. Utilising an all-new transducer and specially ventilated drive unit, the HD 660S delivers the revealing, tack-sharp detail audiophiles demand without sacrificing the engaging dynamics that make music so enjoyable.


From Our Ears To Yours

In just one listen you will understand why the HD 660S is so special. Thousands of listening sessions later its purpose is even clearer.

What you hear each and every time is the result of an open-back ear cup mated to a new transducer tuned for the modern audiophile. Its speedy response is perfectly suited for reproducing those frequency-stretching recordings with confidence. Thanks to an Aluminium voice coil, the 38mm diaphragm remains nimble for ultra-quick impulse fidelity across the board. This activation and rest behaviour unlocks the capability to communicate tonal and spatial characteristics precisely.

Meshing Together

The Steel mesh found on the HD 660S drive unit is interesting in design but most impressive when it comes to performance.

It completes the ventilated driver, offering consistent control of air displacement to reduce turbulence. As a result, diaphragm travel is pure, letting the music—and only the music—shine in a perfect balance of integrity and expression. The Steel composition allows for much tighter production tolerances, ultimately contributing to remarkably consistent characteristics of each HD 660S produced. When combined with the open-back ear cups, the sound emanating from each transducer is completely free to expand, just as it would in nature.



Box Contents:

  • HD 660S Headphone
  • Impedance matched ultra low capacitance 3m Balanced 4.4mm Copper Cable
  • Impedance matched ultra low capacitance 3m Single-Ended 6.3mm Copper Cable
  • 3.5mm adapter
technical specifications
150 ohms
104 dB/1V
Cable Details
Impedance matched ultra low capacitance 3m Single-Ended 6.3mm Copper Cable, Impedance matched ultra low capacitance 3m Balanced 4.4mm Copper Cable

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