SparkoS SS2590 Pro


The SS2590 discrete op amp is designed to be the ultimate op amp for use in studio and pro audio applications.

This device comes in a PRO 6 pin package.

We also have socket pins for this device as well as adapters for both single and dual DIP8 applications.

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Version: Single (Pair)
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SparkoS SS2590 Pro

Vendor: Sparkos Labs

SparkoS SS2590 Pro


Vendor: Sparkos Labs

SparkoS SS2590 Pro

Version: Single (Pair)

The SS2590 Pro Discrete Audio Op Amp represents everything we ever wanted in an op amp, but were unable to achieve in the SS3601/SS3602's smaller package size. These devices are intended for use in professional recording studios, Mic Amplifiers, Lunch Boxes, EQ's, and consoles. Many of the devices in this class were designed in the 1970's using 1970's technology. Our SS2590 makes a fantastic upgrade to these op amps and they utilize the latest and greatest transistors and components. Our PRO to DIP adapters will also allow these devices to be used for replacing single op amps in a DIP 8 package.

These discrete audio op amps have been used at RCA studios in their Mic Preamps, and by other manufacturers such as Nord Acoustics and Apollon Audio in their Hypex based Class D Amplifiers.

Upgrading to the SS2590

The SS2590 PRO discrete op amp was designed to be as sonically transparent as possible. Our design philosophy is "a piece of wire with gain" to give the most accurate musical reproduction and recording that is possible. What you hear is what you record, and every effort has been made to preserve the artists tone, timbre, and timing. These devices can replace any 6 pin, 1 inch square type of op amp that are integral to many Mic Amps, Lunchboxes, compressors, EQ's and Mixers that are found in most recording consoles.

For everyone who has been asking how to adapt two of our SS2590 Pro Discrete Op Amps into a Dual DIP8 - We've heard you. The Pro to Dual DIP8 adapter will allow two of our PRO discrete op amps to replace Dual DIP8 packaged devices.

The design is stacked and connectorized - with one op amp sitting over the top of the other. Access to the lower op amp's offset adjustment pot can still be had by removing the upper device. The SS2590 can now be used to replace any Dual DIP8 op amp. Pin one is indicated by the notch in the DIP8 connector, as well as the gold outline and dot along the edge of the adapter PCB to help you get the DIP8 orientation correct.


  • 165 dB Open Loop Gain to 100 Hz
  • Two Pole Compensation
  • 10MHz Unity Gain Bandwidth
  • Class A Output Current Of +/- 32mA
  • Maximum Output Current Of +/- 250mA
  • 1.5nV√Hz noise in a 20KHz bandwidth
  • Less than 1mV Offset
  • On-Board Supply Decoupling Caps
  • Able to drive 75 ohm loads at full power
  • +/-9V to +/-24V supply voltage range
  • All BJT design with input bias current cancellation
  • Unity gain stable
  • Fully Discrete Design
  • PRO op amp package

Compatible With

  • Automated Processes API2520, API2525
  • Lunch Box Mic Preamps
  • Jensen and John Hardy 990 series
  • Sound Skulptor SK series
  • Purple Audio KDJ series
  • Five Fish Studio Discrete series
  • Avedis Audio 1122
  • Seventh Circle Audio SC series
  • Yamaha NE series
  • Rogue 5 Series Discrete Op Amp
  • Whistle Rock Audio series
  • Warm Audio Discrete Series
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