Subtonic STORM Launch Edition

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Subtonic STORM Launch Edition

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Studio main monitor experience in an in-ear monitor

  • Speaker Monitor Emulation
  • Earth Shattering Dynamics
  • Transparency Redefined
  • Innovative Driver Implementation
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Subtonic STORM Launch Edition

Subtonic STORM Launch Edition


Subtonic STORM Launch Edition


STORM, short for Subtonic Opus Reference Monitor, is designed with a simple goal in mind: to recreate a studio main monitor experience in an in-ear monitor. STORM features deep reaching, yet clean bass that emulates subwoofers in a treated room, and features an incredibly detailed and accurate midrange complete with breathtaking treble reproduction.

Designed with 2 SLAM Woofers, 5 Balanced Armature (BA) Drivers and 2 Electrostatic (EST) Drivers in an incredibly complex true 7-way CTRL crossover, the STORM delivers unparalleled reference-class tonality and resolution that defies and redefines what “reference” means.

The experience of being seated in the middle of a mastering studio has now been made portable


Reference was never meant to be synonymous with “boring”.

STORM marries reference tonality with the jaw-dropping dynamics of the Subtonic SLAM woofers, reproducing the emotions and excitement that studio main monitors are capable of. A proprietary, phased filterless tweeter array projects a large and grand soundstage with stage-depth in a class of its own. The laser-like pinpoint imaging clearly defines the space between every instrument, allowing you to unpack the distinct layers of music as you smile and grin to the effortlessness of the STORM.

You’ll find yourself subconsciously feet-tapping and head-bobbing to the beat - because you will hear everything.


Titanium metal meets enamel paint to materialize golden clouds striked with black stripes. A lengthy process goes into hand-enameling the faceplates to obtain the radiant shine of the clouds. Any mistake - no matter how small - would mean that the hand-painting process has to be restarted, entirely from the top. Made possible only by the meticulous hands of Symphonium Audio.



Each STORM comes paired with the Mira, the flagship cable of Nightjar Acoustics. Made from 7N OCC copper with class-leading low impedance of 0.155Ω, Mira is painstakingly designed for a neutral yet spacious presentation. With its extremely low impedance and featuring an industry first shielding coverage of over 98%, Mira is designed for low noise and a pitch-black background that complements the reference nature of the STORM.


The Launch Edition STORM comes with a hand-stitched leather pouch crafted by TODAH atelier in Singapore. Premium full-grain Italian Veg-tanned Badalassi Carlo Pueblo leather was specifically chosen for its unique aging properties. As it takes on a patina that reflects your unique lifestyle, the leather significantly softens and reveals its olive undertones with a beautiful soft glow.


Splitwave Layered Armature Management

SLAM is our proprietary method of decoupling dual driver units, unleashing the true potential of the drivers. This revolutionary method results in unprecedented levels of dynamics in IEMs. You won’t just hear - you will FEEL the music!

Coherent Tonal Relay Lattice Crossover

Our CTRL crossover is the most complex crossover network you can find. Every driver plays a unique frequency response that it is optimised for, squeezing out every bit of performance from the drivers to produce the purest of sounds. All this is enabled with top grade inductors, capacitors and resistors that virtually removes any distortion in its signal path.

Filtered Linear Attenuation Tuning

FLAT technology eliminates impedance mismatch, ensuring that you listen to the same unimpeded sound regardless of the device you are using.

Extremely Extended Extremities

EEE is our assurance that linear extension to the lowest and highest audible frequencies is achieved, resulting in a full-ranged musical experience often only heard in the highest end loudspeakers. Experience bottomless bass and seemingly limitless treble extension with EEE.

Grade 5 Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) PVD Coated Shells

Recessed 0.78mm 2-pin connectors made from a beryllium copper alloy (low resistance, highly durable) and spring loaded (more resistant to loosening over time).

Nightjar Acoustics Mira 2-Wire Cable STORM Edition

7N OCC Copper core, hybrid Copper and SPC shield, 98+% shielded, 0.155Ω total resistance equiped with OE Studios Multi-Plug with 3.5mm, 4.4mm and 2.5mm terminations.

TODAH Leather Carrying Case (Launch Edition only)

Badalassi Carlo Pueblo Leather with YKK Excella Zipper and Suede lining, foam padded for additional protection.

Personalized Frequency Response Chart

The SUBTONIC Storm is meticulously crafted in both the Left and Right channels to guarantee the highest quality control standards in the industry.

AZLA SednaEarfit Tips

The STORM comes with a set of Sedna Earfits, available in three sizes: SS, S, and MS.

Subtonic Eartips

The STORM also includes a set of our in-house designed eartips, available in three sizes: SS, S, and MS.

True 7-way CTRL crossover

2 Subtonic SLAM drivers + 5 Balanced Armature Drivers + 2 Electrostatic Drivers

  • 1 Subtonic SLAM Subwoofer
  • 1 Subtonic SLAM Woofer
  • 1 BA Midwoofer
  • 2 BA Midrange
  • 1 BA Mid-tweeter
  • 1 BA Tweeter
  • 2 EST Supertweeter
Frequency response
103dB/Vrms ±1dB @1kHz
6.10Ω ±0.1Ω @1kHz
Cable Details
7N OCC Copper core, hybrid Copper and SPC shield, 98+% shielded, 0.155Ω total resistance with OE Studios Multi-Plug with 3.5mm, 4.4mm and 2.5mm terminations
  • Thick gauge, custom designed Nightjar Acoustics 7N OCC copper internal wiring for bass
  • Estron silver-plated copper internal wiring for mids and highs
  • Top of the line film and polymer capacitors from Vishay, Rubycon and Panasonic
  • Vishay MELF resistors
  • Mundorf MSolder SUPREME SilverGold
Subtonic Package
  • Grade 5 Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) PVD Coated Shells
  • Nightjar Acoustics Mira 2-Wire Cable STORM Edition
  • TODAH Leather Carrying Case (Launch Edition only)
  • Personalized Frequency Response Chart
  • AZLA SednaEarfit Tips - Sizes SS, S, MS
  • Subtonic Eartips - Sizes S, MS, M, L

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