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Chord Mojo2: Serious Chops.

by SoundJedi 02 Feb 2022

When I walked into Richer Sounds to try the Mojo2, I didn’t really know what to expect.

I have owned the Hugo2 for a few months now. It completely challenged my beliefs about DACs. Everything sounds better when the Hugo2 is involved as a DAC.  

This said, I rarely use its amp section. The burning question I had walking into the store was: can Mojo2 replace the Hugo2 as my desktop DAC?

Coming out of the audition, I think the Mojo2 can replace many things. Hugo2 won’t be one of them.

I started by plugging in the Monarch MKII. I was immediately shocked by the level of clarity, bass body and treble energy the Mojo2 gave it. This thing isn’t warm and treble is not rolled off. This is no Mojo.

Switching back and forth between Mojo2 and Hugo2 with Monarch MKII and the V16, it was clear that Mojo2 could get the job done and push the iems to their full potential. Hugo2 is still a touch ahead, but the form factor of the Mojo2 is a massive advantage on the go.

Next was the tougher test: listening to the Diana Phi out of the C9 fed by Hugo2/Mojo2.

Here the difference was more perceptible. Hugo2 sounded more insightful with better SQ across the spectrum. Bass is punchier and treble is more refined. Hugo2 is also 4x the price!

I have never heard the first Mojo but I am impressed with this iteration. It really seems like Chord and their fans are getting their Mojo back!

In summary, what stands out to me:

  • Superb bass body and control
  • Balanced signature and very insightful sound
  • Built in EQ!
  • Amazing form factor. Having this sound quality in your pocket is impressive.

The new kid on the block also has drawbacks:

  • Overly complicated controls (and no manual in the box).
  • No Bluetooth support. Really Chord? What a missed opportunity to make a killer portable device here.
  • Micro USB charging. I understand it’s about Poly compatibility but this will annoy many people.
  • No 4.4mm or 2.5mm output.

The Mojo2 is pushing the limits of what’s possible with such a small device. It isn’t perfect but the sound quality is likely to make up for the shortcomings.  

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