AFUL Performer 8

8mm Dynamic Driver + 7BA Hybrid In-Ear Monitor

  • Patented 3d Printed Acoustic Tube Structure
  • RCL Net Frequency Division Technology
  • 3D Pressure Balance Technolog
  • Micro-Resonator Technology
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Termination: 4.4mm
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AFUL Performer 8

Vendor: AFUL

AFUL Performer 8


Vendor: AFUL

AFUL Performer 8

Termination: 4.4mm

The Performer 8 is a high-quality earphone that offers exceptional audio performance across different aspects. It features deep-hitting, elastic bass thanks to a high-quality dynamic driver and specialized acoustic tubes. The vocals are natural and warm, with detailed presentation for both male and female voices. The high-frequency response is smooth and extended, ensuring accurate instrument reproduction. The Performer 8 adapts well to various music genres, making it suitable for pop and classical music.

With its eight-driver hybrid configuration, including a dynamic driver and seven balanced armature drivers, the Performer 8 delivers unparalleled sonic excellence. The four-way frequency crossover optimizes the performance of each driver, resulting in a deep lower end, clear midrange, and detailed treble response. The earphone also features patented technologies such as 3D Printed Acoustic Tubes, high-damping air-pressure relief, and RLC frequency division correction for enhanced sound quality and comfort.

Not only does the Performer 8 offer exceptional audio performance, but it also boasts an exquisite design. Crafted by professional acoustic engineers, it has a lightweight ergonomic shape and a visually appealing face cover. The included high-purity stock cable enhances the overall sound experience with faster transients and a larger soundstage.

RCL Network Frequency Division Correction Technology

The traditional crossover technology uses limited number of resistors and capasitors. A simple combination that changes the sound from different drivers at the same time. RCL (Resistance R, Capacitance C, Inductance L) Frequency Division Correction uses a limited number of resistors and capacitors in a simple combination to adjust the sound of different drivers at the same time.

RCL can act directly on the sound frequency response of the Performer 8 by overcoming peaks caused by the resonances of traditional frequency division technolkogy. Additionally, it provides balanced armature drivers with a smooth treble frequency response that rivals the response of an EST unit

Patented Special-shaped sound channel

The Performer8 integrates a newly-developed and innovative technology to break through the sound quality barriers of traditional earphones.

Bass/Treble Smoothing Filter

The performer 8 features a treble smoothing filter that allows the high-frequency band to extend smoothly without glitches and has the same high-frequency texture as electrostatic drivers, achieving a high degree of sound reproduction.

High-Precision 3d printed acoustic tube structure

The performer 8 utilizes high precision 3d printing to fine-tune and optimize the sound waves from each individual tube, eliminating peaks caused by resonance under traditional frequency division technology

Air-Pressure Balance System

The performer 8 uses an air pressure relief technology that balances the air pressure in the ear canal to reduce fatigue and discomfort caused after prolonged listening.

Premium Cable

High-purity monocrystalline 98-wire x 4-strand copper silver-plated cable configuration for deeper lower end and bigger stage.

Comfortable Eartips

The eartips are made of soft silicone material to ensure smooth extension of frequencies, bringing the precise expression of the instruments and excellent localizations

technical specifications
7BA+1DD High-Performance Hybrid Configuration
  • 1 x 8mm Dynamic Driver With Biological Diaphragm
  • 2 x Balanced Armatures for lower frequencies
  • 2 x Balanced Armatures for midrange
  • 3 x Balanced Armatures for high frequencies
Frequency response
5 - 35000Hz
Cable Details
High-Purity Monocrystalline Copper Silver-Plated Cable with 3.5mm termination plug and standard 2-pin connectors.

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