Nightjar Acoustics Bifrost

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Match great in-ear monitors with an exceptional cable and uncover the best details of your favorite recordings. Enjoy a vivid and captivating experience every time with the Bifrost Cable.

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Interface: MMCX
Plug Type: 3.5mm single ended

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Nightjar Acoustics Bifrost

Vendor: Nightjar Acoustics

Nightjar Acoustics Bifrost

The Bifrost features a bright and vibrant signature. Utilizing a thin strand size, high strand count and litz structure, we’ve managed to minimize skin effect and maximize the silver qualities of silver-plated copper with a touch of smoothness from the copper.

A highly technical cable with a slightly bright tonality and plentiful sparkle, the Bifrost is well suited to improve resolution and imaging precision on any IEM.

If you're not sure what plug, connector, or model is needed for your audio system, don't hesitate to contact us via Discord or email. We'll be happy to help you find the best cable for your setup.

technical specifications
7N OCC Silver-Plated Copper
High strand count Litz
Ultrasoft PVC
True gauge
25.7 AWG
Resistance (Including Connectors)
WBT Silver
Default length
1.2m (Inquire for other lengths)

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