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Innovative Tri-brid Design. Packed with Technology, Engaging Sound.

  • Tri-brid Configuration: Dynamic, Balanced Armature & Planar Magnetic Drivers.
  • Flat Impedance Technology.
  • Pressure Optimisation System with Extra Tuning Module.
  • Available in Universal and Custom Fit.
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Style: UIEM - 3.5mm
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Custom Art Fibae5


Custom Art Fibae5

FIBAE 5 utilizes the world’s first, patented, Flat Impedance design. Featuring five drivers in tri-brid configuration: single Sub-Low Dynamic Driver, dual Mid Flat Impedance Balanced Armatures and two Planar Magnetic high frequency drivers. FIBAE 5 is Custom Art’s take on fusion of the best technologies available with energetic, bold and engaging sound signature.

FIBAE 5 signifies the next step of Custom Art’s IEM development – a new, uncharted, dimension of sound. We tuned FIBAE 5 to be energetic, visceral and powerful, to deliver heavy but perfectly controlled sub-bass, natural, warm midrange and fast and unconstrained highs. The goal was a smooth, bassy and detailed sound signature with an unmistakable Custom Art’s house sound flavor.

Thanks to Custom Art's revolutionary Flat Impedance technology, FIBAE 5 will retain its sound signature with all audio players, sound cards, amplifiers or just a smartphone.

FIBAE 5 presents a modern approach tuning with an increased bass and highs quantity keeping the overall balance. Our Pressure Optimizing Design (P.O.D.) normalizes the pressure in front of Dynamic Driver, which expands the soundstage and enhances the musical image.

FIBAE 5 is dedicated to audiophiles and enthusiasts, who like more colored sound, with a bit more bass quantity and who are eager to experience the newest technologies without compromising the sound quality. FIBAE 5 is also a great choice for drummers, bassists and DJs – professionalists who expect the most pronounced and deepest bass from their monitors, without losing a single detail. FIBAE 5 delivers punchy deep lows, smooth mids and insanely fast and detailed highs with an accurate timber – a modern tuning, combined with a slight V-shape approach, resulting in fun and enjoyable mainstream signature.

technical specifications
Driver Specs
Single 10mm Dynamic Driver Sub-Low, Dual BA Mid, Single Planar High, Single Planar Super High
Flat Impedance Technology, Pressure Optimizing Design, 3D-printed waveguide
109 dB @1kHz @0.1V
10 Ohm @1kHz (+-2 Ohm 10Hz-20kHz)

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