$130.00 $114.00
We want the device to work as a universal DAC/AMP for both high-sensitivity IEMs as well as high-impedance open-back headphones. We want it simple, small, yet but powerful. In addition to the sound quality and the maximum output power, we...
$130.00 $114.00
More than one and half years after its initial release, the most popular and praised Thieaudio Signature series IEM is ready to make a comeback! The Monarch has been completely redefined with driver overhauls and an enhanced tuning. The Monarch...
7Hz Timeless
14.2mm Planar Driver 7HZ Timeless is truly living up to its name with its ultra-thin diaphragm and lightweight body. Everything feels nothing but everything. Time is within reach here. Selected 14.2mm planar driver and unique structure provide fast response, excellent...
CEMA MS Series 2-Pin 0.78 Upgrade Cable
Exceptional 2pin upgrade cable from CEMA.  22 AWG 7N single crystal copper cable. Thick and durable 4 core cable, 140 strands.  Availabe in pure copper or silver plated copper (silver colour). High quality Rhodium plated connectors for extreme durability. 
THIEAUDIO Voyager 16 Divinity
With 16 Knowles and Sonion balanced armatures in each side, the V16 Divinity stands as not only Thieaudio’s summit of technical innovation, but also as one of the world’s most capable in-ear monitors. We set out to develop our final...
7Hz Timeless AE
14.2mm Planar Driver 7HZ has kept the driver configuration for this edition of Timeless AE to be the same as the OG model, with a few changes in the bass. 7HZ Timeless AE is truly living up to its name...
Elysian Annihilator 2023
Meet Annihilator, the flagship product representing the essence of Elysian Acoustic Labs coupled with top-tier technicalities that are second to none. Annihilator makes no compromises and will allow you to experience the pinnacle of musical experience with its unorthodox majestic...
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