Nightjar Acoustics Mira
The Mira is tuned to be full bodied and balanced with excellent extension on both ends. Utilizing carefully selected mix of different strand sizes specialized for different frequencies, the Mira is delicately balanced, retaining the rich tone of copper while...
Nightjar Acoustics Erebus
Erebus features a warm yet highly resolving signature. Utilizing an OCC braided shield to reduce noise, Erebus has an extremely black and silent background, resulting in a unique blend of dense note weight and spacious staging. These characteristics combine to...
Nightjar Acoustics Bifrost
The Bifrost features a bright and vibrant signature. Utilizing a thin strand size, high strand count and litz structure, we’ve managed to minimize skin effect and maximize the silver qualities of silver-plated copper with a touch of smoothness from the...
Nightjar Acoustics Midnight
Midnight features a weighty and smooth character, evoking the feeling of a nice cup of tea in the dead of night. Featuring a unique black litz design, resulting in a refractive onyx look that changes depending on lighting conditions, Midnight...
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