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Based on experiences of the past decades, LB-acoustics developed an unique headphone using revolutionary headband, driver and wiring solutions. MYSPHERE 3 combines great wearing comfort by means of hovering sound frames with industry leading spatiality, single sided fully symmetric wiring, modular setup by magnetic fastening and flexible portability.

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Spaital Sound

Supported by the open design, the drivers are kind of levitating, “hovering” over the ear. The open front cushion enables sound to flow from one side to the other and vice versa. This “hover-ear” attribute creates an unprecedented binaural effect and sublime spatiality.

Transient Response

An ultra light coil and a glass foam membrane with a cobweb structure allow fastest impulse reproduction. All dispensable air volumes like tight channels, slots, holes etc. are largely avoided in order to reduce additional acoustic masses.

Open Design

On both sides of the moving membrane the spaces are completely vented. No acoustic volumes hamper the membrane in its movement and the front cushion is acoustically open. This yields an unsuspected sense of space.


A light metal frame transmits the force from the soft cushions to the head to achieve very small specific surface pressure. Sensitive areas of the head are bypassed resulting in a well-fixed headband carrying the hovering drivers.

All cushions are attached by magnets and can be removed manually without tools.

Additionally, both sides of the earphone can be removed without tools to facilitate the transportability and service. Since no human head is really symmetric, all adjustments of angle and height have been accomplished without mechanical lock-in positions. A fine scaling allows for easy retrieval of personal settings.

Neodymium N52 radial, fully vented
110 Ohms
96 dB / 1 mW RMS = 115 dB SPL/V eff. – valid for MYSPHERE 3.1 (at Ear-Drum Reference Point)
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Pre-owned MySphere 3.2
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